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Here is just what some of our satisfied clients say......

Good Morning Megan, I start with the NDIA this week coming. I am excited to be able to assist people with disabilities holistically it’s how I prefer to work. I will thrive and cherish the role…thank you for all the effort and support you have given me to get to this point in my working career. I will keep you posted on my new role and all its rewards I know it will provide me with. THANK YOU, you are amazing!!! Kind Regards Katrina M, Employment Consultant, Central Coast NSW

Megan, thank you so much. It’s fantastic and I’m very happy with it. Kind regards, Kylie E, Customer Service Representative, Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, Thanks so much for your great work. To me everything looks brilliant. Much appreciated. Regards Tracy S, Retail Store Manager, Central Coast NSW

I think you done an amazing job and made me look like a rocket scientist. Cheers Steve C, Rail Infrastructure, Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, Thanks for your help. I got the job and start there on 21 March. Agains thank you for your help. Regards, Sean P, Compliance, NSW

Perfect thank you Megan , Aidan S, Industrial Electrician, Central Coast NSW

I love it. Thank you Megan this is perfect. I will let you know how I go. Alexis C, Sales, NSW Central Coast

Thank you Megan, you have done a fantastic job. I'm very appreciative. Prudence B, Care Worker, NSW

Dear Megan, I am extremely pleased with how you present the resume and put it in a bright light, in a way I could not have imagined. I am proud of what it represents and it empowers me to be my best. You are excellent at what you do and it reflects a true passion. I know that when I show my partner, she will be blown away by it. Thank you again ! Ryan D - Electrician - Banyo QLD

Hi Megan, Wow I look like I could almost run the country!!! No really its great. Katrina B - Administration Assistan - Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, terrific, exactly what I was after. Many thanks. Logan C - Electrical Engineer - Sydney NSW.

Thank you Megan, that looks fantastic! Andrew D - Marine Engine Driver - Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, thank you very much. It looks really good. Take care. Regards, Huon AS-K - Carpenter/Formworker - QLD

Megan thank you so much for that, they both look amazing! Tegan R, University Student, Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, thank you for the fantastic / amazing resume and your effort in the research to compile the info and format to a great document. Regards Darryl K - Project/Site Manager – Construction - Broome WA

These are fantastic. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround and all the effort you put into getting this done for me. I have now submitted my application online. Fingers crossed!! Allyson M – Property Manager - Wollongong

Hey Megan, just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my resume, very happy with it and will highly recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again. Robbie L – Fuel Tanker Operator, Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, both documents look great, I didn't realise I was so good :-) You've done a terrific job, can't thank you enough. Regards Peter A - Inventory Controller/Logistics Manager - NSW.

Hi Megan, hope this email finds you well and in good spirits . . . just wanted to let you know that my application was successful with Qantas. I start ground school in April for 7 weeks in Sydney then head over to work in Perth. Thanks again for all your help you really do have the magical touch :) Kind Regards, Gaye S - Flight Attendant - Central Coast NSW.

Hi Megan. Just letting you know that I got the job in the Emergency Department. Thank you for all your help. Lorraine W - Registered Nurse - Central Coast NSW

Thanks so much Megan, fantastic work! Thanks so much for your effort and professional advise! I will definitely recommend you to my friends! Yang Y - Management Accountant - VIC.

Hi Megan. Had a quick look and am very happy. Now I understand where the questions fit in. Thank you for all your hard work. Kind regards Justin K - Electrical Engineer - Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, Both these documents are fantastic. I sincerely appreciate the hard work that you have put in, especially given minimal time to work with. I know you had to shuffle work around to complete my resume which makes the end result even more amazing. Bradley S - Business Development Manager - NSW.

Hi Megan, I just read the resume and cover letter and I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication, you have done an amazing job and hopefully this will help me on achieving my goals of getting a new job .. Thank you very much. Emiliano G - Licenced Security Officer SACL.

Good Morning Megan, I got so excited I applied for 14 jobs yesterday and 2 today! Thank you for such a professional cover letter and resume. Will talk again Richard B - Builder/Contractor - Central Coast

Megan, it’s great. I've been busy sending it off and I start a job next Tuesday. They must have like it!!!!! Thanks for everything, you are a real great help. Emmerson M – Formworker - QLD

Hi Megan, I have had responses from the new resume and cover letter! One company flew me to Brisbane for an interview with a board of directors. I had a director from Melbourne call and he wants me to relocate and work full-time. I think your resume makeover is a winner! Malcolm M – Telecommunications Technican/Advanced Rigger - NSW

Thank you again for all your help with the resume updates and your 'fab' writing skills in assistance with the 3 responses. Lisa V - Flight Attendant - NSW

Megan, you are absolutely amazing! I knew when I saw Lisa's resume that you were truly talented. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm very happy. Sharon MCK - Trainee Flight Attendant - NSW

Hi Mark, I am impressed! Thank you ever so much for turning this around so quickly. It is almost uncanny how you were able to identify my 'Key Strenghts'. I agree with the list (why wouldn't I? he he) but do find it amazing that you were able to glean all that from the few emails we've exchanged and one phone conversation. Danielle J - BSc - NSW

Megan and Mark, I'd just like to say, thank you very, very much for your efforts in rewriting my resume and the time you spent listening to my needs, and of cause your expertise.

Well it all paid off, I had five interviews, landed two jobs and I’m on the eligibility list for three other schools. I am now working three days at one public school and one and a half days at another and have every second Thursday off. I am very happy to be back doing what I love, fixing and improving things. Thanks again.
Ken McW - General Assistant, NSW

Hi Megan, thanks for doing such a wonderful job! You have been fantastically thorough.
I will definitely recommend you.
Renee A – Commerce/Law Graduate, Perth WA

Megan, you have done an amazing job on these letters fantastic!!!! Thank you for your excellence with this application it all reads exceptionally well !!! Katrina M - Case Worker, NSW

Excellent, my resume and cover letter are great, I had a read through and I am really happy. Thank you so much, I am so excited I can start applying for jobs with more confidence now. Thanks again for all your hard work so, far I really appreciate it. Kristian H - Bachelor of Science (Sustainable Resource Management) Graduate, Central Coast

Hi Megan, thank you so very much for the beautiful resume that you've done for me. It’s absolutely amazing and exactly what I wanted. Thank you once again, I will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues... with high regards and good words. I’m so excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you . Nicolae V – IT Graduate - NSW

Thank you very much for your help once again. I have sent the application off and have been called for an interview tomorrow. Your help is a shining light at the moment. Trying to re-enter the workforce after being self-employed for many years is a daunting and frustrating process. I appreciate your help and advice you have given me. Kind regards. Perri W – Licenced Travel Specialist & Harvey World Travel Franchisee - NSW

Just a quick note, I got a call today saying that I was successful with my application! I definitely believe some of this success is due to a fantastic resume. Thanks again for helping me land my dream job! I am genuinely thankful for your great work! Kindest regards. John D – Electrical Engineer, Royal Australian Navy - Sydney

Hi Megan, I just received the resume and cover letter. Thank you so much for compiling my resume from all my bits and pieces of work and study, I really appreciate it, and love the final outcome. All the best. Carla B - Diploma in Business & Marketing Graduate - NSW

Hi Megan, I just wanted to touch base from my last email to you. I informed you then that I had applied for a job with a university well I was offerred the job today! Thank you for your help. When I told my current employer they doubled my offer to stay! Incredible... as I like them as well.

Finally, I applied for a second job at the time and I now have an interview with them this week for an HR manager role. I hope I get it and I am feeling so positive it is amazing! You do great work! Angie Z - HR Consultant - Balwyn, VIC

Hi Megan, you may recall I contacted you last week re: obtaining the University job, and that I was waiting to have another interview. Well, I got offered that job as well!!!! Amazing!!! You are a godsend Megan, I would happily recommend you to anyone who is having difficulty getting a job. I have decided to take the HR role which is the job I really wanted. All in all I applied for 3 jobs with the CV you did. I came second for one job, and first for the other two. The proof is there to be seen. You make people happy. Angie Z - HR Consultant - Balwyn VIC

Many thanks for the effort you put into the selection criteria, I’m impressed. You made me sound very efficient and wonderful......good luck to me. Carolyn R – Para-Legal, Darwin NT

Megan, I really like how you put things in their correct context (or maybe, the best context). I have re-read the position description and the job information PDF, and I feel the selection criteria addresses all of the required points, and additionally incorporates the position overall. With thanks, once again, Oliver S - Customer Service Officer - Albury NSW

Hey Megan, Just wanted to let you know that I'm up for a second interview for a job I applied for but more importantly I received a phone call this afternoon from DHHS re the triage clerk position...yay! Far out, I've finally received a look in for a government position and it's all thanks to you! Big thank you getting thrown your way!...just felt the need to pass that on. Cheers & hope you're well. BTW, I had a thorough read through just now (and I mean a thorough read through!) and wow did you make me sound impressive! No wonder I got through to the interview stage!! Luckily I can use big words that I understand to impress but I hope I live up to that selection criteria!! Olivia G, Administration Assistant, Tasmania

Hi Megan. Thank you so much! The application letters both sound terrific. Thank you for all your advice and hard work. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it . Sophie N - Studio Manager/Producer/Copywriter - Sydney

Megan, Thanks for the great resume. I have had an excellent response to it and I have had to decide between 3 employers who were all keen to secure my service. I am hoping my wife will get hers done through you in the future. Thanks again and all the best. John D - Electrical Engineer - Australian Defence Force

Hi, Thank you for making me sound really good, I got the job... I am still in shock, they got me back for a 2nd interview yesterday to ask a few more questions and then told me the job was mine. Thank you for your hard work. Jodi G - Customer Service - Central Coast NSW

Hi Megan, Just to let you know I sent my resume to a company in Perth (first one!) and they would like to see me as soon as I arrive in Australia, basically if we like each other I'm hired.......so I would just like to thank you once again for all your help. Kindest regards, Steve R - Maintenance Technician - Scunthorpe, UK

Thanks for your help. Sent out 2 CVs and got interviews for both. Worked very well. Thanks. Mohini M - Sales Manager - Rosebery, Sydney

This is the best resume I have ever seen. Thank you so much. You have done a fantastic job. Rebecca B - Aged & Disability Carer - Blue Haven, NSW

Hi there Megan, I just wanted to let you know my WONDERFUL news! I got the job...Office Manager! Thanks so much for your help and advice! I am very relieved and so happy! Christine G - Protocol Unit Office Manager (state withheld for privacy)

Wow! Loved your work! You are a true inspiration! Thanks for that! Cheers Louise H - Animal Trainer - Empire Bay, NSW

Hi Megan, This is absolutely AMAZING. This resume has brought out some of my qualities and abilities that I had forgotten I actually had. You have certainly given me a greater goal to strive for because I now see how much more capable I am . Mark K - Sales Manager - Copacabana, NSW

Megan, just a quick note to tell you that I got the job. I will start on the 8th July, many thanks for all your help. John S - Senior Fire Fighter - Woy Woy, NSW

Megan, Thank you so much - everything is perfect! Your advice was also very, very helpful. I think working in hospitality whilst studying is a smart move. I think I saw the Manpower job advertised actually, it's a good idea. Once again thank you for your thorough and brilliant work!!! Peter W - School leaver - Horsfield Bay, NSW

That’s quite an amazing resume. I like it. Thanks for everything. Shez B - Fashion Designer - Fitzroy Victoria

Dear Megan, What a fantastic job you have done with the resume!! I could not have done that myself and really appreciate the way you have worded my career to date. I spent two days looking on the net and reviewing different resume websites and sorting through all of the info they had on their sites.. to be honest yours was the most straight forward and easiest to read.. much like your resume writing it gets to the point.. I also found that the feedback from some of your clients were believable and I could relate to, the other's seemed to be well how do I put it... fake. I also liked the fact that you have worked in the UK!! That was another point of sale for me.. Thanking you once more for all of your hard work on such a short time frame.. Also for the recruitment websites.. I will be sure to have a look!! All the very best Megan.. I will be in touch when I have settled. Simone H – Social Sciences Graduate, Australia

Megan, you are brilliant! Thomas K - Project Manager - Vienna, Austria

Hi Megan, Looks good I think this is definitely better than what I have ever thought I could be, but it has shown me that I can do more and I think you have also inspired me to start my own company, and go to uni. So I have benefited more than I thought I would. Thankyou soooooooo much for all your help. Danika N - Designer - Lane Cove, NSW

Hi Meg, Good news! I have my first interview and it was using the resume and cover letter you put together for me thanks. It was good because it included selection criteria, so I was able to justify the criteria. Ross P - IT specialist - Perth, WA

Thank you Megan! My resume looks great, and I now feel confident about it! I used the new resume and cover letter and already have an interview tomorrow with a high-end commercial photographer!!!! I emailed the photographer and she emailed me back within the hour! Megan G – Photographic Assistant – Stanmore, NSW

Hello again Meg, Well, good news. I'm back in the workforce this Friday 17/11. With your resume I applied for 2 jobs. Got an interview with both & a job offer from one. Not a bad strike rate! Thanks again for your helpful & prompt service. And of course the resume. Jeff W - Mobile Mortgage Manager - Windsor, Victoria

Overall your resume looks 200% better than my original resume :) so I really really appreciate your great help. Van B - Senior Software Engineer - Burwood, Victoria

Megan, you are excellent and worth your weight in gold. I am most amazed at what you did for me. I think that I should get lots of jobs now. Mary N - Legal Secretary - Cremorne NSW

Megan, these are wonderful, thank you so much for all the work you did on my resume and application letters. I really hope I can get an interview for the Telstra position, that cover letter is amazing!! Sean M - Regional Manager, Central Coast

Hi Mark, Wow, I didn’t realize I was so bloody awesome. I’ve sent it off to a dozen or so places, let’s hope they think so too. Nice job. Thomas M - Aircraft Mechanical Engineer - NSW
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